Administering a Management Expense Reporting system on a regular interval is a cumbersome exercise. Before adopting any new expense reporting system, you need to train your employees about the software, configure an approval structure and assign the chain of command. And every time when there is a new hire or an employee leaving the organisation, you have to update the list in the expense reporting software. Maybe it seems like so much work that you’d rather stick to your old spreadsheets.

Well, not anymore! We are happy to announce a perfect solution to these problems: Zaggle Save Plus, an Integrated Expense Management Platform. Want to know what does Zaggle platform capable of??

Real-time updates:

As transaction data is loaded to expense management platform at the time of sale, approvals and reimbursements that are being handled in real-time, rather than in expense report groupings.

Once you integrate your systems, we’ll update all these changes in real time, creating more productive hours to focus on bottom lines.

Automated report generation fully automates the expense reporting process from end to end, including scheduling, building reports and friendly email reminders for employees and approving managers. Specify a company-wide schedule to generate automatic expense reports. Users receive a friendly reminder that their reports are ready for review. Employees review reports for accuracy and resolve any policy violations. With one click, expense reports are submitted to your manager for approval.

Setup your own approval hierarchy:

Setting up the system and creating an approval flow can be cumbersome exercise. You have to ensure that all your employees follow the hierarchy in reporting their expenses to the right person. With the Zaggle Expense Management system, you don’t have to worry about setting up the approval hierarchy, because all the reporting managers will automatically become the approvers for their employees’ expenses. After that, you can customize management dashboard as per your requirement.

Have better control over Budgets:

Corporate can customize spending limits and workflows to encourage their team to book directly with transparent and predefined booking preferences.

Expense limits, control allowable expenditure, either with warning the approvers or by preventing an expense report from being submitted. Greater control results in reduced expenditure, saving time for approvers and the finance team.

Create multiple accounts and disburse funds accordingly. Instantly load and manage funds according to projects, departments, and types of expenditure.

It’s always better if we let the numbers do the talking. Using Analytics, you can see how much was spent on each project, who spent the most, and where exactly they spent it. That’s essential information for a business owner to have, especially if you’re trying to make decisions to control costs​.

Want to try it out? Zaggle provides the best expense management system in the market, try it out and let us know what you think​.

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