We dream together. We achieve together.

Sometime in 2018, mid-year, a conversation about work-related travel changed gears and became a ranting session about how tiring the process of expense reporting is.

Some of the statements said and heard in the room were;

“It takes forever to get my money back”
“I hate the process of filling out forms!”
“In the time I fill out those forms and follow up for my money, I could bring in more sales!”
“It is 2019! Why are we still collecting paper bills?”
“I absolutely dread filling expenses”

The problems were varied and statements relatable. By the time the conversation died down, it was clear that managing business expenses might as well be one of the things employees complain about the most.

Of the problems, statements, and ranting, was born the idea of creating an expense management solution like no other in the market. A product that will complete Zaggle’s host of corporate products in the market while enhancing the existing products.

The idea was born but that was just the start. What will make the product see the light of the day? A dedicated team. Zaggle, at that point in time, was short of a couple of hands and was not equipped to take on a big product like expense management.

During the same time, Zaggle’s Click and Pay acquisition materialized and Raj, Zaggle’s  founder, knew he had found THE team for the job.

From Left to Right - Sai Sandeep, Kalyan Karteek, Raj Phani, Rajshekhar

A dedicated team of 9 have been on the roll since day one to create a product that Raj had envisioned for Zaggle. Multiple google docs, monotonous excel sheets, long conference calls, rigourous market research, all-nighters, a hundred coffees and six months later, we have launched our very own Expense Management Solution.

Zaggle Expense Management Solution will make the process of expense reporting seamless, secure, fully-automated and on-the-go. Zaggle Expense Management when put together with our range of existing corporate solutions, will ensure a tremendous increase in employee engagement, productivity - resulting in a happy and a satisfied workforce.

Raj, addressing the employees today said, “with every new product, with every new update, with every new member that joins our Zaggle family, I feel that we are a step closer to our vision of becoming one of the most innovation payments solution company. There’s no stopping us from becoming the first unicorn company in Hyderabad.”

We know we are on the right track. And we are in it together.

Find out everything about our Expense Management Solution by visiting our website - https://www.zaggle.in/expense-management.html