A channel incentive program is a way to reward channel partners for the tremendous amount of effort they put in. It is essential that the channel partners believe and understand that company is appreciating their work and taking good care of them.The most successful incentive programs are those that are engaging and are designed to improve channel partners performance and loyalty.

The most engaging incentive programs are those that are built on easy-to-use digital platforms. Our cutting-edge engagement program and state-of-the-art technology helps organisations to create a perfect channel partner incentive program that helps to

• Improve relationship with dealers, distributors & other channel partners with       personalized reward catalogue
• Build brand loyalty
• Incentive channel partners to increase their performance with features like                 badges, medals, points etc

Maximize the value of your channel relationships:

Developing loyalty programs goes beyond just giving what we offer rather we engage in building an exhaustive package for organisations, be it a channel partner segmentation, consistently measuring partners engagement among high performers and incentivizing deserving partners with individual rewards, incentives, and recognition. This allows organisations to plan short-term& long-term tactical objectives &strategies to increase performance, productivity, loyalty, and market share.

While the very nature of intangibles makes them hard to pin down, this comes pretty close to creating a reliable ROI system for recognition efforts. Most important, it can be reported and shared, opening new and unexpected avenues of  discussion on company wide engagement strategies. Here are some of the most popular ways recognition program data are leveraged.

Better Retention Rates

Effective employee recognition programs show a significant drop in voluntary turnover rates. The channel partner turnover contributes to at least 20% of the revenue generated.  These statistics show that any company can save a significant amount due to employee turnover annually by implementing an employee recognition program.

Improved Productivity

Reward &Recognition programs not only motivate employees and channel partners but also provide a sense of accomplishment and also make people feel valued for their work. Recognition has always been instrumental in increasing productivity and loyalty of the employees. Effective employees are a direct measure of the overall company performance.

Start engaging your employees with interactive rewards program

Zaggle offers tailor-made Reward, Recognition & Engagement solutions for organisations to enable their employees & channel partners to align with company’s vision and goals. Be it brand-specific merchandise or rewarding leaders and employees across the corporate ladder - we have an exhaustive reward fulfillment option at every step of the user engagement. Our real-time merchandising techniques enable companies with quick turnaround times in deploying new R&R initiative.

To sum it up, Zaggle Propel is a SaaS based single integrated platform with hierarchical architecture, customisable reward catalogue, social timeline etc to boost productivity, reduce attrition and in-turn increase profitability. It helps the organizations to select and implement the right motivation and reward choices for employees and channel partners to enhance their performance. Zaggle Propel helps organisations to dramatically decrease the workload of managing and measuring their reward programs and engagement activities through automation and real-time analytics. It also gives organisations a better insight for budgeting and forecasting for rewards & recognition activities.

Build a Culture of Employee Recognition with an easy to deploy and use customised solution.

Zaggle Propel is the ultimate Employee Rewards, Recognition and Engagement program that is a win-win solution for both the employer and the employees.