Technology is giving organizations an opportunity to challenge the status quo and build a robust employee benefits system. Introducing new age employee benefits via debit cards and mobile apps to enhance the employee experience, this progress from older methods and transformation of the employee benefits space is headed by the latest technology.    

Informal and unorganized workplaces have evolved and broken all barriers of geographical boundaries and have rebuilt themselves into professional organisations. Organisations today are challenged with providing best-in-class employee experience for their diverse workforce, work locations and needs of their employees.

New age technology offers an opportunity to strengthen and build a healthy employee benefit system through a comprehensive understanding of what kind of benefits will motivate the employees. For organizations that are continuously trying to balance the needs of a diverse workforce across demographic and geographic disparities, uniformity and equitability is of paramount importance. This in turn demands for building a technology that is cost-effective and efficient.

How the perceived employee benefits need to be -

1. Personalized to match the specific needs of employees

2. Mobile based application for accessing all relevant information on the fingertips

3. Secure access and information

4. Ease of use and payments

5. An up-to-date system to match the latest trends

Technology has advanced from playing a supportive role in a business to driving the whole business from the forefront by providing automated, digital platforms that are safe, secure and convenient. Technological solutions enable employees to choose what they want. Benefits delivered through mobile apps allow employees to manage and access all relevant information easily any time on-the-go.

One of the main requirements of the workplace is the need for agility and speed. Employees now demand for instant response rates. Technological improvements enable restructuring and redesigning of the workplace employee benefits, incorporating the latest and the best technologies to ensure agility. Allowing access to a range of services/benefits across multiple platforms and increased customization enhances the employee experience. And finally, technology makes it possible for organizations to have a holistic picture of benefits through data aggregation, freedom and flexibility to diverse employees

Analytics has made it possible to enhance consumer experience by providing right kind of service. It is all about understanding the consumer and providing what he needs without them asking for it. Employee-centric benefits with technological interfaces help to engage and motivate employees in the organisation, while simultaneously optimizing costs. Ease of operation and administration, convenience through secure channels, monitoring of progress, cost-effectiveness, scalability, agility of providing uniform, affordable world-class employee benefit solutions can be mitigated with the adaptation and integration of technology.      

With the digitization of employee benefit systems, accessibility to the information related to benefits is improved. Moreover, there are more tactile benefits for an organization with a unified system of communication by integration with company’s accounting systems.

Zaggle provides a group of features and capabilities that can add to the employee benefits systems.  Some of them include meal vouchers, medical reimbursements, fuel, communication cards, gadget cards, gift cards, LTA and more. It’s the time for growing companies which believe employees are important assets for their organization, to tailor their existing systems in ways to create better experiences for them.