Reward and Recognize those employees who go above and beyond their designated work.

Who doesn’t like a pat on the back – even the power of a simple ‘thank you’ for a job well done can do wonders for staff morale. Having a dynamic rewards and recognition program can reap significant benefits for employee engagement. Companies with recognition-rich cultures have 31% lower voluntary staff turnover rates, 21% higher productivity, and 37% less absenteeism. In addition to automating traditional recognition workflows. Rewards & Recognition can help build a culture of acknowledgement and pride amongst employees, and peers throughout the organisation.

Aligning Employee Recognition with Organisational Values:

When employees know how their actions are impacting the overall organizational goals that is the point where they feel values to the organisation and recognition those employees reinforce the alignment with value systems it helps drive desirable behavior.

One of the easiest ways to demonstrate company values to your employees is to implement an employee recognition programme.

Frequency of Recognition:

The frequency of rewarding and recognizing employees has a big impact on shaping behavior in the workplace. This is one of the most vital aspects to be considered when designing Rewards and Recognition programs. In many companies the recognition programs are an one-time activity where it should have been an year round activity leading negative impact on employee morale.

Having a year-round employee reward and recognition program helps HR’s and people managers to empower and encourage good work of employees.

Get the Formality Equation right:

Employee of the Month/Quarter/Year are the awards more common in the corporate culture though it is one way to encourage the employees but there are many other options to recognize and engage employees that will increase the employee engagement. Some of them are

Reward Programs

1.Performance Programs

a.Achievement of Target

b.Employee of the Month/Quarter/Year

c.Spot Rewards

d.Pat on back

e.Sales Warrior

2.Personal Occasions



c.House Warming

d.Baby Shower

3.Promotional Activities:

a. Influencer Incentives

b.Customer Incentive

c.Referral Program

4.Milestone Awards

a.Service Anniversary

b.Long Service Award

5.Festival Gifting

Recognition Awards

1.Timeline Feeds




Personalizing awards and one-one recognition programs help to establish a connection between the employee and the organisation.

The giver also matters:

Appreciation given by the superiors is always valued, but as organizations become flatter, more competitive and roles become vague and complex.With changing workforce demographics, and as the millennial's entering the talent market there has to be a strategic tool to build a strong work culture.  Social recognition tools help to create a positive work atmosphere by fostering collaboration and team work.

Peer-to-Peer recognition is affordable, easy-to-use, and helps companies to recognize their employees by empowering everyone to get involved in the appreciation process.

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Zaggle Rewards, Recognition & engagement platform empowers companies to recognize employees and partners for their great work. Benefits of the platform include Personalizing the rewards suiting for the occasion is best way to improve employee engagement. Automating employee reward, recognition & engagement programs to enjoy high retention rate. Some of the latest features available in the market:

·Instant Rewarding

·Effortless Budgeting

·Automated Gifting

·Customized Reward Catalogue

·Peer to Recognition

·Configurable Work flow