· Keeping employees busy in their jobs

· Motivating employees for better job performance or giving incentives to increase employee productivity

As the new age millennial's joining the workforce it’s time to change your assumptions. Do you know that poor employee management program leads to disconnected employees, which ultimately affects the company’s productivity and performance.

21st century Employee Engagement:

An emotional connect between employees and the organization, which tends to influence his or her behaviour and level of effort in work-related activities.

It means creating an ecosystem where the employees are enthusiastic, passionate and work towards the achievement of Organisational goals. To further understand how employees can be engaged at different levels:

The four Levels of Employee Engagement

1. Highly Engaged and Committed

2. Moderately Engaged but not Committed

3. Neither Engaged, Nor Committed

4. Disengaged

Employees falling in different levels affect the business in different ways:

Highly Engaged and Committed

Employees at this level consider the organization’s goals as their own and be committed to their work. They love their work and are emotionally attached to the organization. They also feel a sense of responsibility towards fulfilling their goals and aspirations.

Moderately Engaged but not Committed

Employees at this level like their job but aren’t motivated to actually perform the tasks. This may be due to internal conflicts with co-workers, bad management, etc.

Neither Engaged, Nor Committed

Employees at this level are neither emotionally attached to their work nor the organization. They are not driven towards achieving their goals.


Employees at this level work actively to weaken the prosperity of their own companies. They detest their work and try to create a negative atmosphere in the office. They can also hamper the productivity of high performing employees. This results in the downfall of an individual and team’s productivity. Hence, affecting the overall company performance.

Into the future:

HR professionals in the organizations should focus their resources on fostering real change that push employees in the right direction.Benefits of employee engagement

· Reduce absenteeism

·  Boost employee motivation

· Increase productivity

· Reduce attrition

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